Rika Cossey


My mission is to create a movement of empowered individuals who take care of themselves and our planet.


My vision is to leave a planet which benefits from human occupancy.


My name is Rika, I’m a tree hugger and modern hippy and I love what I do. I grew up in Germany and I’ve lived in six different countries over the past twenty years. Now I’ve settled in Sweden.

If you were to ask me at a party about what I think is wrong in the world, I would tell you that as a species we have lost our connection to our natural environment. This lost connection is costing us more than we really want to admit.

I have spent most of my adult life at university, gaining 2.5 degrees in social and environmental sciences. I love the idea of contributing to knowledge on an academic level. During my last years, however, I started seeing a stark gap: my life in reality and my life how it should be lived according to my studies. Was I being true to what I really believed in academically?

That was the moment I began to ‘walk the talk’.

I started blogging about practical sustainable living ideas. I wanted to inspire and give ideas on how life can also be lived. My blog has since sparked conversations I never thought I would have because they involve very personal areas of our lives.

In 2018, with my husband and our two kids in tow, I took matters into my own hands and decided to move into a tiny house on wheels. We reduced our belongings by 2/3 and lived on 40 m² for two years. We grow some of our own vegetables and raise our own meat.

I am far from perfect in any endeavour and the learning continues daily.

In 2018 I became interested in applied psychology and began studying. Through various trainings and training groups, I expanded (and keep expanding) my knowledge around how we make sense of the multiple crises around us. 

Today, I am a mentor and teacher for climate-aware and climate-active individuals where I use tools from free-writing, nature coaching, to general mindfulness practices. I also develop trainings for parents and educators who want to talk to children and young adults about the climate emergency. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.