Rika Cossey

Counselling – Plan

Explore your life and understand your thought patterns

1 hr 30 min per session

cost: 800€

Counselling is often labelled ‘talk-therapy’ because it offers the opportunity to discuss varies issues of your life and evaluate how they affect each other. The basis consists of regular meetings.

Counselling is particularly useful when you have a difficult time defining what is going on in your life. I will guide you through a process of exploring your life and looking at it from different perspectives.

This plan offers you the opportunity to identify what is going on and to look at how to solve some issues. As part of our relationship, I will guide you while we work on various steps. We will meet every 7 to 10 days over a period of around three months. Depending on your needs, we can extend our relationship beyond that.

Please make sure to book a free first call before committing to this pass.

When you book this service you will be asked to set a time. This time will be for our first session. All other times will be agreed upon at the end of each session.

We will meet online. Around 24 hours before our first meeting I will send you a personal link to join the call. Please make sure to check your email accordingly.

Please contact me with any other questions.

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