Rika Cossey

Mental Detox Retreat

Why Mental Detox?

One of the most common complaints I hear is that clients have a lot to do and don’t have time for themselves. I get that and I also know how difficult it is to make time for yourself. However, I also know that if you cannot create that space in your mind, you are more likely to continue a path you are unhappy with.

Or to put it bluntly: If you never define your goal, you shouldn’t be surprised by where you end up.

I created the Mental Detox Retreat as a possibility for individuals to take a break from their busy lives and minds and to recenter themselves. The program gives you the opportunity to reflect and detach while learning something new about yourself. It is designed for individuals only to give you the space you need.

The idea of the retreat is to clear some of your mental load. This load can be commitments at home or at your job, past or present events, or concerns about the future. I want to offer you a break with the opportunity to develop a new focus and action plan.

About the Mental Detox Retreat

I offer this retreat to individuals only at my home property in Sweden’s Västra Götaland, about 60 km from Gothenburg. During the seven days, you will have my full attention and I will respond to your needs. The program outlined below gives you an indication of what the week could look like.

You will spend a lot of time outside in nature and by yourself. You can also expect to get dirty, move a lot, and to stretch your idea of “how things are done”. There will be hands-on activities, daily writing tasks, lots of reading material, and a strong emphasis on you taking care of yourself.

The success of the retreat begins and ends with you. The more you can lean into the idea of taking a break, the more you will be able to mentally unload. To ensure your success, you should be able to answer this question sufficiently: How will a Mental Detox Retreat help me gain clarity? 


Sunday – arrival & checking in

Monday – forest walk & practical project

Tuesday – mindful walk & practical project

Wednesday – forest bath (a.k.a. Shinrin-yoku)

Thursday –  mindful walk & practical project

Friday – city excursion

Saturday – morning walk & departure


Participating in the full program costs 12.000 SEK (about 1.150 € or 1.200 USD) 

Included are:

  • accommodation in our tiny house.
  • at least 60 min coaching guidance on five days, including pre and post-retreat contact.
  • all materials needed for project work.
  • simple breakfast each morning, community dinners on three nights, and lunch by agreement.
  • Transport as required.
  • Bike rent.
  • NO INTERNET and limited mobile coverage!


The Mental Detox Retreat takes place on my property. My family and I live in Trollhättans kommun in Western Sweden, about 60 km from Gothenburg. You can travel to Gothenburg by train, ferry, or plane (not recommended!) and then continue to Trollhättan Central by train. I can pick you up there or you can continue by bus to Upphärad skola.

The property is located in the forest at the end of a dirt road. There is no passing traffic, by foot or car, and it’s very quiet. The next bus stop with regular service to Trollhättan is 4 km away, next to our local shop.

You will stay in our tiny house as the only guest. You have access to all amenities on our property by agreement.

How to book

To book a Mental Detox Retreat, please send me a booking request below at least one month before your intended arrival date. We will initially meet online for a 30 to 45- minute consultation. During this consultation, I will explain all further steps. Only after we agree on the general outline of your retreat, can I confirm your booking and you pay a 20% non-refundable booking fee.