Rika Cossey

Live a life that matters

Eliminate crisis overwhelm 
and future anxiety

A life that matters is the essence of a fulfilled life. To live a fulfilled life means to live with curiosity, intend, and fully conscious. Through coaching you will increase your power over life, your self-confidence, and your sense of direction. You will be happy, successful, and free. 

I have been where you are and I will guide you to your full potential

What Others Say

Rika’s compassion, empathy, and understanding shine bright! You will absolutely gain more self-knowledge and develop practical steps to take action in any area of your life you need.

Santee, USA

Rika is a highly attentive, caring and compassionate coach. She listens very keenly and objectively. I felt no judgement and lots of openness in our conversations. I’m very grateful for the sessions we had together. I definitely recommend her. 

Brittany, Canada

Rika is an amazing coach and has a calming nature! She listened to me and within one session she gave me a tool which saved me many years of psychotherapy! Honestly, I would recommend Rika to anyone!

Lauren, UK