Rika Cossey

Nature walk

Let’s go for a walk together!

Connecting with nature and with each other has never been more important than in times of lockdowns and isolation. Our global connectedness via the internet has also never been easier.

This event combines the two.

By booking your spot, you commit to going for a walk with me. We will both go outside and describe to one another what we see, what we hear, what we smell and feel. We won’t see each other but we will hear each other.

This event is both physical exercise and mindfulness practice.

What you need to join this event is a stable internet connection on your walk, headphones with integrated microphone, and a free Zoom account (with the app installed).

Who am I?

My name is Rika, I’m a certified life coach and counsellor, and a nature lover. I live in rural Sweden with a lot of forests around. I love connecting with people around the world and I love coaching ‘on the go’.

Is this event a coaching session?

Yes and no. It will be whatever you decide it to be. If you are in need of some reflection, I’m here to listen. If you just want to go for a walk, I will, too.

The idea is to be outside and to walk together.

Why is this event free?

This type of event is the first of its kind. It’s an experiment for you and for me.

And that is the reason why this event is free of charge for the time being.

How to book

If you’re interested to go on a walk with me, please book yourself a 60 min slot in my calendar. Once confirmed, you can plan your route.