Rika Cossey

CO₂ACHING – The Climate Emotions Hub

The Climate Emotions Hub is a community for people who are aware of climate change and its emotional impacts. The vision is to combine scientific knowledge about emotional resilience with practical tools to create multipliers in diverse communities.

Within the community, we focus on three different aspects of climate work:


Equip yourself with the knowledge, emotional intelligence, and conversation skills to engage in informed, empathetic, and constructive climate discussions. Through that, you can foster awareness and positive change.


Connect with like-minded individuals who share a commitment to addressing our current crises. CO₂ACHING offers a platform to exchange insights, overcome challenges, and collectively work towards a sustainable future.


The highest goal of The Climate Emotions Hub is for you to empower others, to extend your knowledge beyond yourself. We want you to take change to new heights and create a broader network of change-makers.